Strategy review and adjustment


We review your strategy together with your team. We go through positioning, branding, content strategy, monetization, competition - and every aspect, which is needed to achieve your goals. Take a deep dive into your data, understand your market and also help you to set up the measurements if needed.

Monetization and pricing strategy


Besides giving value to both buyer and seller, monetization and pricing is in the interest of the portal. We help to evaluate your business model to achieve long term revenue goals. We look into your current model and pricing, help build up the next step keeping in mind the long term strategy and goals.

Content strategy


Having every listing in your category online is a top priority for all portals. Giving a comprehensive search opportunity is a must in order to generate the most value to your advertisers with connections. We study your market dynamics to come up with the best way, on how that content can be generated in a sustainable manner.

Product validation

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Launching a new product, or deciding between continuing/discontinuing an other one is always a risky decision. We can help you validate the idea, and define the next step. For this we usually facilitate a product validation workshop on-site with the team.

Market and best practice research

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Strongly connected to product validation, you might need a market and best practice research around the area in question. Having experience in multiple countries, we can create a summary for you and your team.

Onsite product management

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The details come up during execution. We can also help your team execute the projects with onsite project and product management.

UX review, design and strategy

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Searching for homes/jobs/etc or managing listings should be a hassle free experience for your clients. With extensive UX experience we can work with your team and help creating products that are straightforward to use and give a delightful user experience.

Organizational development and team setup


Having experience with various digital oriented companies, we can help you to come up with the best team set up by focusing on the business needs and the required people skill set.






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