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We build product and strategy 
for Property and Job portals

— Digital transformation of the real estate market, specializing in non-exclusive markets —

— Keeping up with the trends of the changing job markets and behaviours  —


We work with property and job portals, marketplaces by helping them with strategy consultancy and product design.

Having experience with multiple property and job portals from Europe and Asia, we gained a solid understanding of the dynamics and challenges of unregulated real estate markets and the behaviour of the job seekers and employers as well. 

Be your focus on Monetisation, Lead optimisation and qualification, Content generation, Content quality, Duplicate handling, Revenue-Content balance or else, we are prepared to help you with:​​

Strategy review and adjustment, product audit

Translating strategy to actions and help driving the execution within your organization​. We can help you onsite within your company. 


Building products that support your business, meet customer needs (buyers and sellers alike), and integrate into your operation from Product, Sales and CS point of view.


Laura spent the last 9 years in the online marketplace space on the product and business side, building first class products. Before Carangid she was Chief Product Officer for, the market leading property vertical on Hungary’s unregulated property market. Besides strategy and building first class products, she gained extensive knowledge in building an organisation where operation and innovation go hand in hand. During the the 4 years of Carangid she had been consulting and interim managing for various property portals,  proptechs and job portals.


Gyula has a solid background in agile product development, with 13 years of experience working as a UX Designer for agency, startups and Fortune 500. His analytical mindset, business thinking and down to earth approach helps building products, that are built around customers, and support business goals.

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"I first ran into Laura at a real estate conference in Madrid. I was instantly impressed by her clarity of thought and what she had managed to achieve at ingatlan. I courted her and it was a while before she agreed to help us with 99acres. I have been super impressed with her deep understanding of the real estate classifieds space, her product management skills, her focus on monetisation and her ability to work with people from different functions, in different cultures and in different professional settings. She is an authentic communicator, who gives her 110pc when she takes on a project and more importantly tries to create real value for her customers. Its a pleasure working with her. She will be an asset for whichever team she works in"


Hitesh Oberoi

CoPromoter MD and CEO  InfoEdge India Ltd

(99acres/ Naukri/ Jeevansathi/ Shiksha)


RecBuzz Amsterdam

September 15. 2022

Couple weeks ago we were at Recbuzz 2022 by AIM Group (Marketplaces / Classifieds). Laura was speaking about how GIG economy can and could be looked at by job portals. Is it a completely different business or not? Searching for gigs is quite different from searching for regular employment, finding suppliers requires a different approach from searching for regular employees. The challenge is to support both sides.


All the way to the transaction

February 20. 2022

2022 had an exciting start for us at Carangid. We started working with a couple of proptech companies from different countries, who are in the business of selling real estate, going beyond advertising and charging commission after the sale.

Many promising models out there, innovative ways focusing on optimising / restructuring / crowdsourcing traditional practices in order to reach scalability and increase revenue.

We see significant movement on different markets among these companies as well, and are looking into the successful models.

Everyone is looking for the perfect solution fit for their local needs and the opportunity to grow. Interesting time ahead to see what kind of models will work best in different countries and how they can work together with the property portal industry.


Commercial offices in India with 99acres

April 28, 2021

We have just finished our interim assignment with in India! It was quite a ride with the commercial real estate, product and tech teams through the pandemic while everyone is remote, but together we managed to roll out the new office solution for Now the Commercial product team is on board, so it will be in good hands. Thanks Amit Kumar Singh and the team for this challenge, hope that once traveling is safe we will meet again!

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Laura was selected as a Connect Speaker

September 20, 2020

Laura was excited to speak at Connect again! Wanted to share views on Emerging Business Models in proptech, in real estate buying and renting during and due to Covid times. How did the consumer behaviour change? How are market players reacting? Sadly due to timing conflicts she could not participate this year.


Remote product management - it works

May 15, 2020

The past months turned remote product management into a much more viable and accepted setup. And it can work surprisingly well!

We are currently testing remote product management with 99acres in India, and all I can say now that it works well, delivering the expected results.


Reaching transparency in non-exclusive residential real estate markets

January 20, 2020

How can property portals help transparency in buying and selling properties? We wrote an article on the major challenges portals are facing in non-exclusive markets, when it comes to advertising property.


Facilitating a real estate WS on ICMA Fall Conference in Istanbul

September 15, 2019

We got invited to the International Classified Marketplace Association conference in Istanbul this fall to facilitate a real estate workshop. Looking forward to it! Get tickets with 10% off using this code: LauraICMA10


We got to learn about the Indian job listing market

July 2019

We spent 2 exciting days with and in New Delhi, India. The parent company Info Edge, running, the leading portal in India, just acquired the premium job portals  and


OLX Portugal - Real Estate

August 2018 - March 2019

In August 2018, Laura started an interim management assignment in Lisbon, Portugal at the Lisbon hub of OLX. The task is around building and managing the real estate team for Portugal and

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 21.50.39.png

Leaving and becoming a freelancer consultant

October 1, 2017

An article by AIM Group about the change after


Fast and transparent market with trust

March 8, 2017

Property Portal Watch, Bangkok

Laura's presentation at PPW Bangkok in March 2017. 

Duplications are always there on portals on non-exlusive markets. Watch how solved the problem.

Stock Market Quotes

Product design based on data


product.bp meetup, Budapest

Finding the right pricing both for the portal and the customer.

The case study explains how restructured the pricing on the owners segment based on usage of the product.

Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 12.35.19.png

Indian real estate market

April 4. 2022

Working with the real estate market in India!
Advertising is one step in the digitalization of buying and selling real estate. Portals certainly cover this step with high efficiency, but what about the rest of the process? Numerous proptechs are working in these areas, focusing on a certain part of the whole process. In the last months we had the chance to think together with Homesfy Realty Pvt Ltd in Mumbai, India focusing on their product for brokers:

Exciting times ahead for all the brokers who use their platform in the near and far future as well.


Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 10.32.30.png

Monetization of

August 30. 2021

In the last year we have worked with the OLX Group EU Real Estate product team supporting and innovating the monetisation area for their real estate verticals: and It has been a great cooperation so far, and I can tell, that the remote setup also works very well. With Otodom in Poland we are concentrating on increasing delivering value to the advertiser and make their offering accordingly. With Gyula Bajkai, we have helped to create new tools to empower the agencies to get their leads more efficiently, and participated in the restructuring of the value proposition to make it more flexible for the customer needs.

We always like the part, when ideas come live and start to be visible to customers - this is what is happening right now, and many more are to come. This is the reason we are doing more then consultancy and longer cooperations, to make things happen for real estate marketplaces.


OLX - Real estate vertical sites in the EU

Janury 01, 2021

Working with OLX EU on the product side is a real challenge on a good way. We help out the real estate verticals in the area of monetisation strategy and execution by working with the in-house teams together on execution.


We are happy to work with OLX again

August 24, 2020

This time we will be joining the real estate product team in Poznan for a project - remotely for now.


Course: Property listing business dynamics

March 20, 2020

We created a course helping your team build a deeper understanding of non-exclusive real estate markets, and the dynamics of listing business to enhance team cooperation, put day-to-day operation into the context of business strategy, and onboard new hires to the world of listings faster.


Working with in India

September 25, 2019

We have visited the cool office of in North Delhi, India, to have a discussion with the team. They love recruiting ;) and have a real influence on the online recruitment market of India among premium jobs.


Interested in the personal side of Carangid?

September 12, 2019

Here is a more personal approach and interview about the way we work.


PropTech and Customer Experience - 13th Real Estate Conference Cyprus

May 2019

Gyula Bajkai presented on the 13th Real Estate Conference in Cyprus about PropTech and how Customer Experience matters when building digital products in the real estate field.

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Extracting more value by getting the pricing right - monetization for classifieds

February 28, 2018

Property Portal Watch, Bangkok

Laura's presentation at Property Portal Watch in Bangkok 2018. Pricing principles and ideas for portals, who have the coverage with their listings and are monetizing them, while testing and making efforts to reach the transaction.


Short interview in AIM Groups Real Estate Annual about

October 1, 2017

Article: Product innovation at The study can be purchased and downloaded on AIM Groups website.


Influencing the market by innovation

September 30, 2016

Property Portal Watch, Madrid

Laura's presentation at PPW Madrid in September 2016.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 22.24.09.png

Big dreams and achieving goals


product.bp meetup, Budapest

Presentation and case study about a working Objective and Key Results system in an agile environment. Slideshare presentation.


The Hungarian job market

March 18. 2022

Not many know, but we are also working with job portals and marketplaces in product and business development. This time we have started a project with again! It is nice to look into the Hungarian market after some time, especially with the dynamic environment of jobseekers and employers.

Pic from their office from some years ago, this time we are all in for remote work!

Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 13.43.10.png

Agicon conference

March 6. 2022

Laura was presenting at the Agicon conference. She showed a case study from one of our clients explaining how agile service design and product development looks like.

When and how to adjust your plans, because the world does not stop changing when we are planning a product. Without any spoiler: it needs agility from the product teams, but also from the decision makers and stakeholders. Presentation is in Hungarian, but if you are interested, contact us.


3 years of Carangid

September 20, 2020

We are celebrating a special day: Carangid started now 3 years ago. In the last 3 years we managed to help a lot of clients over the world in property and job portal related problems. We have met very smart and driven people along they way, and also learnt a lot. Besides freedom and flexibility it is important to us to work on projects, where we can create value and help moving something forward. This is the reason why we are not selling ready to use solutions, but try to understand the problem and come up with a solution for that.

We are both really glad we started and are on this journey - both professional and personally. Traveling for work and for pleasure, getting to know and understanding cultures, that is one of the best parts!


Inspiring months with

June 28, 2020

Working with in the past months gave us a good perspective on the Malaysian property market and a good view how a horizontal is operating in the property category! Although these times are challenging to everyone, it is inspiring to have discussions and preparing improvements for the future.


7 difficulties = 7 opportunites -Unissu Connect

March 6, 2020

Laura's talk was recorded for the first Connect by Unissu in Budapest. She has never done this kind of presentation before - it was pretty challenging!

7 difficulties that proptech companies and property portals need to solve in order to serve the buyers and sellers on nonexclusive real estate markets.
7 difficulties = 7 opportunities to bring #transparency when buying and selling residential real estate.


Design Thinking Workshop with the 99acres team

September 18, 2019

We have facilitated a one day workshop for the 99acres team in Noida, India, to think about client problems and come up with improvements. Prior to a workshop like this, you need proper research to understand real client motivations and pain points, so that you can solve the right problems.


We were national finalists in the Central European Startup Awards

September 5, 2019

We were national finalists in the Central European Startup Awards in the Digital Nomad / Freedompreneur category! Thanks to everyone who have trusted and worked with us in the last 2 years - all of our partners and supporters.


Budapest Proptech Forum

March 2019

Laura Szabo got the pleasure of presenting at Budapest Proptech Forum - the topic was the challenge of the real estate portals.


What is visitor monetization really about?

December 17, 2017

Property portals data is a datamine for financial services as well. But to succeed in the secondary transaction we need to be prepared in more areas.


Being a woman in the world of startups

April 6, 2017

Interview - in Hungarian - about the Hungarian startup world and being the CPO of


Property Portal Watch interview 2016

September 11, 2016

Interview with Laura on Property Portal Watch 2016 in Madrid. Laura talks about the challenges of being a young leader in the industry.


Why we should build an MVP?


HWSW Mobile!, Budapest

5 steps to build a long lasting product, based on an MVP. Presentation In Hungarian.

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